Magic Garden Hose


The easiest, lightest, most convenient hose you will ever use.

  • Built for daily use
  • Double hose construction


The number 1 expandable garden hose just got better and three times stronger. The leak-proof flexible water hose is made with tight seal technology, making it even more flexible. It also has brass connector protectors on both ends to attach to any outdoor water faucet.

When you are done, so you can easily store it away. It is the perfect hose for any home.

To prolong the life of your Pocket Hose, completely drain and ALWAYS store INDOORS when not in use. Do not drink from this or any garden hose. Never stretch or expand the hose when empty or not under water pressure. Hose will snap back if stretched and released and may cause serious injury. Hose wrapped around neck may cause serious injury or death.

For general outdoor use only in applications under 80 psi. Do not use this hose for commercial applications, in hot water applications, or high pressure applications (such as a pressure washer). Doing so may cause serious personal injury and/or damage or destroy the product.

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50 ft, 100 Ft., 25 Ft., 50 Ft., 75 ft