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Welcome to the Official Site of As-Seen-On-Tv.Store

Here you’ll find thousands of innovative new products that make life easy. Our best sellers include Arctic Air, Ever Brite, One Charger, Turbo Scrub, and many more of your favorite products!

With a focus on family, fun, and value, we’ve created a unified, customer-centric shopping platform that helps consumers find the products they want, and helps sellers reach new buyers who are eager to bring your products into their homes.

And we’re glad you’re a part of it!

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With all of your favorite products in one place, there’s no reason to hunt down the stand-alone product sites advertised on TV. Our entire site is run using full-time SSL, which encrypts all activity to protect your privacy and ensure your shopping experience is safe and reliable and works on all mobile devices too. We accept all major credit cards and automatically notify you of order status changes so you’ll always know where your items are and when they’re arriving.



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