Frying Pan Non-stick Stone Pan


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                         Delicious, starting with a good pot

Japanese-style Medical stone non-stick Frying pan and wok pan
It adopts Japanese Daikin EK series healthy non-stick coating, which can pass 100,000 times abrasion test, and it has good non-stick and durability.

Aluminum alloy base material,

430 stainless steel permeable bottom of pot bottom

universal for gas stove and induction cooker

Bakelite non-slip handles,

the handles are deep-reinforced with long screws,

do not loosen, have passed professional fatigue test, safe and reliable.

Use stove:

1. Induction stove

2. Gas stove

3. Electric stove

4. Ceramic stoveSeven-layer package

1. Mineral wear-resistant layer
2. Non-stick functional layer
3. High-strength anti-scratch layer
4. Aluminum alloy pot body
5. High temperature resistant layer
6. Reinforcement layer
7. Stainless steel composite layerNon-stick coating, easy to clean20cm frying pan26cm frying pan28cm frying pan24cm wok pan28cm wok panEgg pancake pan 13*18cmUse and maintenance

Non-stick coating, easy to clean

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A variety of sizes to choose from

20cm frying pan

26cm frying pan

28cm frying pan

24cm wok pan

28cm wok pan

1. Frist Use
For the first use, you need to wash with water, then spread the pot evenly with cooking oil, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Finally rinse with clean water
2. Maintenance
Use silicone spatula, wooden spatula, do not use shovel, it will scratch the inner wall of the pot
3. Use
Non-stick pans conduct heat evenly, and generally use a low heat. When using high fire, there must be water or food in the pot.
4. Cleaning
Wait for the pot to cool down and clean it with a rag or cloth. Do not use steel wire balls, which will scratch the inner wall

We have prepared a multi-size and multi-functional silicone glass lid that matches the pot for you

The pot does not include the lid,

and the lid needs to be purchased separately.

You can also go to the store to buy other lids.

Add the pot and lid together to the shopping cart to have additional discounts.