Frying Stone Non-Stick Pan


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The uniquely shaped pan for healthier, non-stick frying

•  13×18cm/5.1×7.1in rectangular frying pan
•  BPA-free non-stick ceramic coating for low-oil frying
•  Stainless-steel base for induction, gas or electric
•  Heat-proof insulated handle is safe and comfortable
•  Durable aluminum-alloy is lighter than steel

13×18cm/5.1×7.1in rectangular design with 3.3cm/1.3in depth

The shape is perfect for making delicious tamagoyaki omelets or French toast.

Easy-clean and non-stick ceramic coating needs less oil

Frying is easier and healthier, while washing up is less of a chore.

Super-conductive stainless-steel base works on any cooktop

Get an even heat faster on an induction cooktop, gas range or electric hot plate.

Ergonomic heat-proof handle is insulated for safety

The easy-grip handle stays cool enough to hold comfortably and won’t scorch if placed too close to the burner.

Durable and lightweight aluminum-alloy structure is BPA- and odor-free

The long-lasting pan is lighter than solid steel or cast iron and easier to maneuver.

Upright edges and hook hole for convenient storage

The square sides make it easier to stack in a cupboard. Alternatively, simply hang it on the wall.

Package Contents

1 × non-stick frying pan