Wipe New Headlight Restore


Go from dim and cloudy to crystal clear! Removes years of oxidation.

  • Last through hundreds of Washes
  • Removes year of Oxidation
  • Restores Headlight Quality


animationRestore your headlight quality with one easy wipe!

A dull finish on your headlight makes your car really show its age. But with Wipe New Headlight Restore, your headlights go from dim and cloudy to crystal clear!

Wipe New removes years of oxidation, and continues to work long after it’s applied, keeping your lights clean and bright!

Wipe New Headlight Restore is the cure for aging and fogging headlights. The maintenance of vehicle headlights can often be overlooked or taken for granted, resulting in poor illumination at night. With Wipe New Headlight Restore, you’ll see the road like never before and have increased reaction time and visibility.

Wipe New Headlight Restore is easy to apply and lasts through hundred of car washes. Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit includes one precision wipe, one professional lens polishing pad, one pair of nitrile gloves and one microfiber towel for a beautiful streak free finish.