Solar Phone Charger


Rainproof solar charger for iPhone, Android, iPod, and small electronics.

  • Contains internal battery
  • Great for hiking, camping, and outdoor use
  • Water Resistant


Why buy an ordinary portable charger, when you can get one with a built-in solar panel for less?

Our rainproof solar charger is made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS+PC material, and contains an internal battery. You can charge it by plugging it in, or just let it sit in the sun! The internal battery stores 5000mAh, enough energy to fully charge a smartphone twice. It even works in the rain, making it great for hiking, camping, backpacking, and general outdoor use.

Charge Apple and Android devices, eCigarettes, or anything that uses a USB port.

Includes the hook shown in the photo for hanging on backpacks for long treks, and the USB ports are protected by rubber plugs.

Package includes:

1 x Solar Charger

1 x Hook

1 x Micro USB cable