Slingshot Dinosaur Finger Toys


  • Perfect game for family
  • Children will forget their screens with this new addictive toy.
  • For children’s Christmas, birthdays, parties
  • Forget old games and play all day long with your new best friend.
  • Play with your children
  • Father and sons will have again good times together. And mums and girls too, for sure.
  • With your grandchildren, they will love this toy.
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  • Kids love playing with these dinosaurs and learning about different types of prehistoric creatures. A great way to spark their imagination and curiosity about science and history.
  • Made of environmentally friendly TPR materials, soft and non-toxic.
  • They can be washed many times with soap and water. Children can play safely indoors or outdoors.
  • This new dinosaur slingshots will bring you and your kid infinite fun.
  • Funny Tricky Toys for Christmas Party.

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