Self-Cleaning Rotary Mop


  • Super large nanofiber mop head, dirty and clean separation
  • Small and exquisite barrel, saving water and effort
  • The washing machine centrifugal mopping cleaning design, efficient and practical
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  • WATER SEPARATION DESIGN BUCKET – The double chamber bucket can separate the clean water from the used water. When spin the mop, the stored clean water will be sprayed on mop pads, then collected at the bottom of the barrel. Avoid the waste of water resources.
  • CONSIDERATE MOP HANDLE – The mop handle is made of high quality stainless steel material, which can stand much pressure than cheap plastic poles. The length can be adjusted form 42.5 inch to 51.6 inch. It is suitable for everyone in your family to use, no joint pain anymore.
  • HOUSEHOLD FLOOR MOP – The mop head is square shape, which can fit the right angle wall gap without missing any sanitary dead corner. The mop head can rotate 360 degree freely. You can mop the floor in upright position, rather than kneel on the ground by hand wiping.
  • SATISFY YOUR CLEANING NEEDS – Ultra soft microfiber pads are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Dense cotton fabric could catch dust, dirt, small debris. With excellent water absorption, the mop can deal with emergency spills, such as food sauce, fruit juice, dirty liquid and various stains.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY STORAGE – This mop and bucket set is ideal for home cleaning, safe on hardwood, ceramic tile, marble and glass. The bucket size is 30*30*18.5cm, compact and exquisite, and much space-saving than normal buckets.

Style A

Dirty and Clean Separation Design

The centrifugal dehydration design of the double-tub washing machine can truly separate the dirty and clean water.

Windmill Irrigation & Washing Machine Centrifugal Technology

Windmill irrigation self-effluent cleaning,
Slowly press: Automatically dispense water to clean dirty hair
Quick press: the principle of washing machine spin-drying and strong dehydration

After cleaning, the sewage can be discharged from the sewage hole in the lower part of the cylinder

Nano Thicken Mop Head

450g pure fiber mop head, easy to absorb dust and hair, strong water and oil absorption

360° Universal Rotating Buckle Design

There is no dead corner when cleaning the gap, and the cleaning is efficient and labor-saving

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Style B