Quick Taco Rack


Make crunchy, delicious, healthy taco shells in just 5 minutes.

  • Makes Healthy TACOS NO GREASE
  • Bakes In JUST 5 MInutes
  • Comes with DELICIOUS Recipe Guide


The Quick Taco Rack as seen on TV makes it easy to make crunchy, delicious, healthy taco shells in just 5 minutes and without all the mess or deep fried fat.

We all love the irresistible crunch of tacos, but frying them in oil adds unwanted fat, mess and so much time! With Quick Taco, you bake your own tortilla shells fresh each time – for the crunchy tacos you crave without the grease! The Quick Taco rack holds up to 4 tortillas into the shape of tacos for easy, fast tacos all at once. No more frying one taco at a time! Just place flour or corn tortillas on the rack, pop in the oven and in minutes you have crisp taco shells ready to stuff with your favorite toppings, and sauces. After baking, simply flip rack over and it holds your shells for easy filling and serving.

The incredible Quick Taco is great for so much more than savory tacos. The dessert ideas are endless. Add a little sugar or cinnamon, ice cream, or fruit with whipped cream for the perfect sweet hand-held treat!

Quick Taco non-stick backing rack and serving all-in-one. Includes Quick Taco Rack, Recipe Guide