Portable Air Conditioner Air Cooling Fan Humidifier


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  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Input power: MAX 7W
  • Maximum wind speed: ≥2.8 m/s
  • Rated evaporation capacity: ≥100ml/h
  • Feature 1: air conditioning
  • Feature 2: portable air conditioning
  • Feature 3: cooling fan


Easy to Operate-With 4 adjustable wind speed (1-2-3-4) and 4 timing functions: 2/4/6/8H; and 2 modes (cold wind and natural wind); 1 colorful atmosphere light with automatic change, which can be turned on/off;
Double Water Tank– the upper water tank is a fully enclosed design; the bottom of the machine is equipped with a condensate water tank, which can collect the condensed water generated in the cold wind process, after being absorbed by the wet curtain, it is achieved Considerable Cooling Effect by evaporation;
Safe to Use: It is equipped with drainage holes, which can be manually discharged when the water level in the water tank is too high; Fine mist refrigeration, using 4.5μm atomizer, will not wet the body and the surface of the table after blowing it for a long time;
Portable to Take Out: The body is small, easy to carry and move; the water tank can also be placed with ice cubes

Package list:

Air cooler*1
USB Cable*1
User Manual *1


Rated voltage: DC 5V
Input power: MAX 7W
Maximum wind speed: ≥2.8 m/s
Rated evaporation capacity: ≥100ml/h
Rated output air volume: about 108m3/h (Q=3600VA)
Noise: ≤55dB Standard value: ≤55dB
Maximum air supply distance: about 2.5m (subject to the ability to blow A4 paper, for reference only).
Total length of power cord: 12cm


1.Long press the “wind speed” key for 3 seconds to turn on and off the device. Personal air cooler only works normally with 5V 1.5 above adapter(kit not include adapter).
2.Please use ≥ 5V 1.5A adapter(kit not include adapter)
3.Do not add oily essential oils in the water tank to avoid corrosion of the product;
4.The water level in the water tank shall not exceed the highest water level line;