Pocket Hose Bullet

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The expandable hose!

  • Expands with water pressure
  • Kink and tangle resistant
  • Light weight and easy to handle


Pocket Hose fits in a pocket but grows to a full size hose. Pocket Hose as seen on TV expands with water pressure just turn on the water and watch it expand. Pocket Hose is the portable, compact hose that expands to a full size hose, but weighs less than a pound! It’s gentle enough to water your garden and strong enough to hose down your patio. Turn the water off, and the Pocket Hose shrinks back to its original size. It is the perfect replacement to those bulky hoses that tangle and kink.

Pocket Hose is light and easy to handle. Kink and tangle resistant. Contracts for easy storage.

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