Dinosaur Decoration Sticker


  • Radiant Dino Exploration
  • Effortless Application & Removal
  • Enduring Delight
  • Versatile Playful Scenes
  • Beyond Party Favors
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  • Embark on an illuminated adventure with our collection of 20 sheets of glittering tattoo stickers. With over 160 captivating designs, these temporary tattoos are tailor-made for kids who are dino enthusiasts.
  • The user-friendly process of applying and removing these temporary tattoos makes it a breeze for kids. Simply tear off your chosen design, place it face down on clean, dry skin, dampen with water for 15 seconds, and peel off to reveal a charming, complete tattoo. Changing styles is a cinch with alcohol, olive oil, soap, or makeup remover.
  • These non-toxic, odorless fake tattoos are designed to remain vibrant and comfortable for a full day of play. The skin-friendly dinosaur glitter tattoos ensure hours of imaginative fun without causing any irritation.
  • Perfect for an array of settings, our luminous dinosaur tattoos elevate the fun at birthdays, playdates, and family gatherings. Let kids express their individuality and revel in the radiant designs of these glow-in-the-dark tattoos in various contexts.
  • More than just Dinosaur-themed party favors, these temporary tattoo stickers make versatile additions to goodie bags, transforming any occasion into a memorable adventure. Share the joy by gifting these radiant dinosaur tattoos, igniting creativity in young minds.