Wonder Clipper


Lighted nail trimmer with swivel head

  • 150 degree swivel head nail clipper
  • Clip your nails safely and comfortably from any angle
  • Super bright LED


Wonder Clipper, the LED lighted nail trimmer with 150 degree swivel head. Trim your nails faster, safer and easier than ever before.

Extended easy grip handle gives you the increased leverage you need to trim your nails comfortably. The super durable, stainless steel blades are extra sharp so you can cut through even the thickest of nails with ease.

Stop struggling to trim your nails! Wonder Clipper is the LED lighted, rotating head nail clipper that gives you the comfortable leverage need to get the job done fast and easy.

Features 150 degree swiveling, rotating head, built-in bright LED light, durable stainless steel blades, extended easy grip handle for increased control and built-in nail file.

Find the comfortable angle that is just right for you.

Great for both right and left-handed people.

Perfect for travel.