Wireless Alarm System

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Install an Alarm System in your home without spending hundreds of dollars!

  • Batteries Included FREE
  • Includes 4 Alarm Magnet Sets
  • Simple to Install No TOOLS Needed


Feel Safe at Home! Every door and window in your home needs one! Stop intruders! These Bell + Howell Wireless Alarms fit on doors, screen doors, windows and cabinets, and send a loud warning when they are opened. Or just flip a switch and hear a pleasant chime instead! Installs in seconds without tools. Just peel and stick each self-adhesive alarm where you want it. These Bell + Howell Wireless Alarms protect your home for thousands of dollars less than security systems. FREE batteries included. Set of 4. Save hundreds on costly alarm systems

Bell+Howell Sonic Alarm Systems Wireless/Battery Operated is great for doors, windows and cabinets. It is a 90db alarm and when the magnetic contact is broken, the alarm will sound. It has three settings, alarm, chime and off.

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4 Pack