Weed Thrasher


Stop wasting money on nylon weed trimmer line and get Weed Thrasher!

  • All steel head
  • Fits most gas powered weed trimmers
  • Includes 12 quick change cutters


Stop wasting your time trying to thread spools of nylon through your weed trimmer! There is now a safer and easier way to trim weeds. Weed Thrasher is an all steel head with 12 quick- change cutters. With the included mounting hardware and easy to install instructions, the Weed Thrasher will fit effortlessly on most gasoline powered weed trimmers. The removable nylon pad, on which the trimmer can be rested, lets you glide along sidewalks or driveways to obtain a smooth and even cut every time.

With no more nylon spools to become tangled or jammed, the Weed Thrasher will save you time and your sanity! All steel head Fits on most gasoline powered weed trimmers Mounting hardware and easy to install instructions 12 cutters Cutters installed quickly and easily Removable nylon pad