Vino Pop Wine Opener


Because Opening Wine Should Be Easy!

  • No broken corks or bits of cork in your wine
  • No more tugging & struggling!
  • Uses Air Rise Technology


animationAs Seen On Shark Tank!

Open your wine the quick and easy way with the Vino Pop Wine Opener set. Vino Pop harnesses the power of air to “pop” the cork right out the bottle! Simply push the pin into the cork, pump 2-3 times and cork pops right out. Now that’s easy. No damaged corks or bits of cork in your wine.

Never break a cork again! Vino Pop has a stainless steel and poly-carbonate guard, and a pin the middle that prevent you from stabbing yourself.

Faster and easier than using ordinary cork screw or operated wine opener. And there’s no need for batteries or CO2 cartridges. Easy for anyone to use.

5 pc. set includes Vino Pop, Wine Sealer, Aerator Pour Spout, Foil Cutter, Storage Pouch