True Touch Glove


Wave goodbye to fur-covered furniture, and lovingly remove excess hair from your dog or cat with True Touch

  • Loosens and lifts away hair from both under and top coat
  • Mimics the loving touch of your hand for a relaxing massage
  • Over 175 silicone grooming tips – no more rough metal brushes


The True Touch pet glove is an amazing five-finger deshedding glove that quickly, gently and effectively removes pet fur with a massaging touch of your hand. Featuring over 175 small silicone grooming tips, the True Touch glove mimics the touch of your hand for a relaxing massage as you loosen and lift shedding hair from your pet. No more fussing with sharp brushes, tough combs and metal tools that rip, pull and tear. Simply pet, peel and throw the hair away. The revolutionary five-finger design of the True Touch as seen on TV is perfect for long, short or curly haired animals, allowing you to get deeper to those hard-to-reach areas, lifting away hair from both the top coat and the downy hair underneath. And the gentle silicone grooming tips gently massage and stimulate the skin for a shinier, healthier top coat. Minimize the mess in your home, and treat your pet to a special massage with the True Touch.

Hair sticks to glove – simply peel and toss

Features more than 175 silicone grooming tips, which are more gentle than metal bristles

Easily contours to reach places hair hides, such as behind legs, under the chest, in their tails and around their face

Guaranteed to minimize shedding

Mimics real human touch for a special, loving massage

Silicone surface attracts hair, dirt and debris, loosening from the skin and sticking to the glove like a magnet

Great for all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs