Kabooti Ice

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The Kabooti Ice provides a complete therapeutic seating solution.

  • Removable Icey Gel Insert
  • Unisex


The Kabooti Ice provides a complete therapeutic seating solution by combining the best features and benefits of a donut ring cushion, a coccyx cushion and seating wedge with a cooling gel insert. Provides cooling relief for hemorrhoids, perineal wounds and surgery, postpartum discomfort and more.

Use the insert whenever you require cooling therapeutic relief for sensitive areas, remove it when you don’t need it. Gel pack fits in the center hole of the cushion, inside the cover so only you will know your using it. Innovative Donut Ring Seat Cushion now with Therapeutic, Cooling Gel Insert.Large coccyx cutout for tailbone pressure relief and comfort during prolonged seating.

All of the benefits of regular Kabooti plus removable custom ice pack for center donut hole.Remove gel pack when not in use, insert s easily when you do!2-Way stretch cover, discreetly hides the gel pack and all other features of this unique cushion.

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