Gotham Steel Crisper Tray


The new non-stick baking rack that fries food right in the oven!

  • Allows air to circulate around your food for crispy results without flipping.
  • Get even browning results cooking foods such as oven fries, pizzas and more.
  • No butter, oil or cooking spray needed.


Now, you can make your favorite “friend foods” foods without the frying! The Gotham Steel Crisper as seen on TV needs no oil or butter, and works like an oil-less fryer.

The Mesh basket is elevated above the tray allowing the entire contents of the tray to be surrounded & absorb the heat being emitted. This allows the inside to be soft yet fully cooked, and the outside to be super crunchy and crisp, the best possible texture one can achieve in food! Grease also drips right out of the mesh basket onto the bottom tray for easy disposal. Works like an Oil-less fryer with al the benefits of non stick Ticerama Cookware & doesn’t take up as much space or power.

Make bacon, steaks, crispy chicken, crunchy onion rings, or even crispy veggies in your Gotham Steel crisper tray & watch as the grease drips right out of the basket into the tray. Less grease & less fat leads to a healthier heart & lower cholesterol levels. Use it in the oven or outside on your grill!