Fidget Cube

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The Original 6 sided Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs lets you fidget at school, home or work.

  • Click – 3 buttons that click audibly, 2 silenced buttons for sneaky fidgeting.
  • Glide – Joystick glides smoothly across the surface. Flip – Switch rocks back and forth.
  • Roll – Tactile gears and clickable ball and socket for quiet and loud fidgeting. Spin – Rotating dial.


animationThe Fidget Cube is an unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style. Featuring 6 different sides you can click, flip and roll yourself into focus.

Beware of cheap counterfeits – we only stock the original Fidget Cube from Antsy Labs, the Kickstarter success story which raised more than $6.4 million!

Click. No need to click that pen anymore. You’ll find 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons on this side design to satisfy the clicker in each of us.

Glide. You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of this joystick.

Flip. Pivot this switch back and forth gently if you’re looking to fidget silently, or quickly for a more audible click.

Roll. The gears and ball on this side are all about rolling movements (with the ball sporting a built-in click feature).

Breathe. Say goodbye to stress. The design of this face is inspired by traditional worry stones, tools used to reduce anxiety when rubbed.

Spin. Looking for a circular fidget? Take this dial for a spin.

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