Crazy Critters Dog Toy


Stuffing-Free Dog Toy

  • 22 Inch Long
  • No Messy Stuffing
  • Squeaker in head and tail


Crazy Critters are fun toys that your dog will love. They are strong, durable, realistic looking, and even squeaks. Plus they are stuffing free and you never have to worry about your dog tearing them apart.

The design of the Crazy Critter makes them lie flat so it is easy for your dog to play with. Since they are machine-washable, you can use them indoors or outside over and over again.

And because they are stuffing-free, you'll never have to worry about cleaning up the mess from a ripped stuffed animal. Your pet won;t ever be exposed to loose stuffing that could be harmful if eaten.

Plus since Crazy Critters can't be torn apart, you won't be reinforcing destructive behavior with your pet.

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