Amber Driver Glasses


The Ultimate Protection for your eyes against the sun!

  • Comfortable Designer Fit
  • Filters out Ultra Violet and Blue Rays
  • High Tech Optical Design


Amber driver is the ultimate protection for your eyes against the sun's harmful rays. Its High-Tech optical design filters the sun's eye-damaging rays: ultraviolet and blue rays. The comfortable designer fit makes AMBERDRIVER 2 perfect for all purposes, leisure, sports, and driving

100% Ultraviolet protection

Year-Round eye protection

Comfortable designer fit

Ideal for Driving, Sports, and Outside activities

Blocks glare and blurring blue rays

High-Tech optical design filters out both blue and ultraviolet rays

Enhances hunters vision

*Mirror Style Available for heavier protection. MirrorDriver 2

**Bonus Night Vision Glasses Included

Nightvision is an amazing product that will improve your vision at night, especially when driving. The special optical design reduces harsh light and enhances dark areas creating a brighter more uniform field of view. Great for cloudy days too!

Reduces blinding glare from lights

Cuts out distorting blue rays

Better sight at night and in the worst weather

Improves vision at night

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