Amazing Sliders


Amazing Sliders make moving heavy furniture easy!

  • Foam surface conforms to furniture
  • Rounded edges guide the slide up and out of indentations formed in the carpet Great for Floor Tiles and Carpet
  • Ultra smooth base prevents damages and scratches on floors


Who would have ever thought that moving heavy furniture could be such an effortless task?

The Amazing Sliders make moving heavy items easy! Use these mini devices to move any of your heavy furniture, fridge, bookcase, sofa, you name it! Great on carpets and floor tiles, just slide in and push? No adhesive needed. Thick foam conforms to any furniture placed on it. No more headaches when cleaning large objects. Simply slightly uplift and tilt the furniture or object, and place Amazing Sliders under each corner of the object. Then push or pull gently the item that you want to move.

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Set of 8