USB Charging Handheld Tire Inflator Air Pump


The revolutionary new way to inflate tires, sporting equipment, and more

  • Quick Inflation
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Easy to Use


Operation Steps:
1.Connect the hose into the bottom tire valve core.
2.Press down the buckle on the air hose to prevent air leaking.
3.Long press the button “R” to wake up the LCD screen.
4.Press the button “R” to select inflation unit.
5.Press the button “+” and “-” to preset tire pressure.
6.Press the index finger button to start inflating, it will stop automatically when the preset pressure is reached.
7.The inflation pump will shut down automatically after 30 seconds.
Multiple Use is designed for your life
For car/SUV/RV tires from relatively low pressure to preset pressure
For bike/motorcycle tires
For sports equipment
For inflatable toys

NOTE: NOT for van, coaches, motor homes, trucks.

Package Contents:
1 * Air pump
1 * tire air hose
3 * Toy Adapter
1 * USB charging cable