1933 Double Eagle Tribute Proof


Get A Bit Of History! The National Collector’s Mint’s Tribute to the Rarest U.

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited Release
  • Rarest U.S. $20 Gold Piece


Here's Your Chance To Get A Bit Of History! The National Collector's Mint's Tribute to the Rarest U.S. Government $20 GOLD Piece. Double Eagle The National Collector's Mint has privately minted a limited release of 1933 Double Eagle Tribute Proof – recreating America's rarest and the last $20 gold piece!

$20 Gold pieces designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens were minted between 1907 and 1933. After taking the U.S. off the Gold Standard, President Roosevelt ordered the return of all gold coinage to the Treasury. So the entire legal tender mintage of 1933 $20 Gold Pieces were melted down. In early 1944, the Egyptian government applied for an export license for a 1933 $20 Gold Piece to be placed in the extensive collection of King Farouk.

Before anyone realized their mistake, the application was approved and the coin was in a diplomatic pouch on its way to Egypt. When a British dealer brought what is believed to be the King Farouk coin to the U.S. for sale, it was promptly seized by U.S.Treasury agents. The seizure was successfully contested and the 1933 $20 Gold Piece was sent to Fort Knox for safekeeping. You can see why this incredible coin has become the most expensive gold coin in the world-it sold at auction for 7.6 million dollars.

Now, you can have your own non-monetary 1933 Double Eagle Tribute Proof clad with 14mg 24K, with Saint-Gaudens' magnificently engraved Miss Liberty on one side and the majestic American Eagle on the other. A great gift for collectors-each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.