Wonder Laces


The Extraordinary Shoelace that Stays Tied!

  • Convert Most shoes to Slip Ons
  • Exceptional Knot Strength 6X
  • Extreme Shoelace Comfort
37 inch
37 inch


Wonder Laces – The Better Shoelace The Extraordinary Shoelace that Stays Tied! Exceptional Knot Strength and Extreme Shoelace Comfort Wonder Laces are the only shoelace designed to not only prevent your activities from being interrupted by untied shoes, but also to relieve shoelace pressure thereby increasing comfort and contributing to overall foot health.

These remarkable shoelaces eliminate the hassles of typical shoelaces. They have six time the knot strength of typical laces and convert most shoes to slip-ons, eliminating the need to ever untie or retie your shoes. With Wonder Laces, you tie your shoes once and never tie them again. No adjusting or readjusting. And Wonder Laces are doctor recommended. Feet expand up to a full size each day. Wonder Laces adapt to the fluctuation of your feet, reducing the binding and pressure that can be detrimental to foot health.

No more shoelace hassles. Slip on your shoes, slip on the kids' shoes and you're ready to go. No more activities being interrupted by untied shoes. Anyone who wears shoes will love Wonder Laces. 6X STRONGER KNOTS THAN REGULAR LACES 37" LACES 5-6 PAIR OF EYELETS Fits most: women's shoes and kids' shoes (sizes 1-4). 43" LACES 6-7 PAIR OF EYELETS Fits most: men's shoes and kids' high tops (size 1-4). 51" LACES 7-8 PAIR OF EYELETS Fits most: mid tops, high tops, baseball cleats, football cleats, skate shoes, hiking boots, work boot.

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37 inch