Spicy Shelf Organizer

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The Shelf Organizer lets you see every one of your spices all in a glance.

  • Installs in SECONDS
  • Organizes Up to 64 Spices
  • Patented Stackable Organzier


The Spicy Shelf Organizer As Seen On TV is the curved shelf that lets you see every one of your spices all in a single glance. That means you’ll grab just what you need just like that. The amount of time you’ll save is immeasurable… And no more wasting money buying extra spices you thought you were out of, thanks to all that clutter.

Installing the Spicy Shelf organizer takes just seconds. Simply use your existing shelf pins or utilize the included free-standings legs. Either way, in just a few seconds, you’ll be ready to pop in all your spices and start enjoying your new found organization! Spicy Shelf Organizer includes 2 shelves, small legs, leg braces, and large legs. 23″ L x 16″ W x 13-3/4″ H.