Pet Hair Trimmer


Dog and Cat hair trimming and grooming comb.

  • The comb provides a more groomed appearance for your pet,
  • Use the side with longer teeth for long haired pets,
  • Use the side with shorter tech for short haired pets


Pet Dog Cat Hair Trimmer Comb Razor Grooming Comb 100% brand new and high quality.

The Pet, Dog, and Cat Hair Trimmer has a comb side to style hair, and And has a trimming side with 2 razors Trimming side has two part for shorter closer cuts and other side is for light trims Please note that this pet trimmer is not intended to de-tangle curly or long hair.

This is a great, simple & old fashion style trimmer. No noise, and won’t scare your pets!

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Set of 2 (Blue)