Kitchen Slider


The Sliding Kitchen Caddy!

  • Makes the most of your counter space
  • Slides Under Any Appliance
  • Use in Cupboards


Are you tired of constantly having to move your coffeemaker just to make a cup of coffee? Most kitchens are designed so that there is just enough space to place your coffeemaker or blender between the countertop and cupboard but there is not enough space to use the appliance.

The Sliding Kitchen Caddy solves that problem! The Sliding Kitchen Caddy slides under your coffeemaker, blender or other appliance and allows you to pull the appliance forward and push it back without having to lift it or rearrange your countertop. Sliding Kitchen Caddy can also be used in cupboards for a slide out spice rack or slide out shelf in deep lower cabinets. Black.

Dimensions: 12 “x 8″x.75″, extended 21″x 8″x.75”