Dancing Water Speaker


Jumps,dancing water speaker the most unique sound system on the market!

  • Light Weight, Portable, Versatile
  • Ultimate Water and Light Show
  • Water Actually DANCES to the Music


Jumps, dancing water speaker are for the most unique sound system on the market! Just plug these Jump as seen on TV speakers into your IPod, MP3 player, or home computer, when the music plays the speakers explode (not literally) with jets of water illuminated by bright multi-colored LED’s, creating a truly unique water show. The water actually dances to the music like your very own Bellagio fountains!

Speakers are light weight, portable and extremely versatile. Speakers are completely sealed so there is no risk of water spillage. In fact you don’t even need to fill them up as the water is included. Just add your favorite tunes, sit back and watch the wild light and water show that will be an instant hit with everyone. Includes two speakers, adapters.