Instant Tent


The tent that sets itself up in seconds!

  • Just throw it in the air – it lands fully set up.
  • Measures 8×5′ when open.
  • Weatherproof. Includes rain fly, stakes, and case.


animationYou’ve never seen a tent like this before!

If you love to camp, but hate the hassle of pitching a tent, the Instant Tent is the one you want. Just take it out of the case and toss it in the air – and Instant Tent lands on the ground ready to use. It sets itself up in two seconds, and can be folded back up in ten!

With zipper openings and bug screens on both ends, interior pockets for storing your phone and other essentials, and room for two adults, the Instant Tent makes camping easy. And when you’re done, just fold it down and slip it back in the case.

The included tent case is a flat 31″ disc, with a dry zipper pocket and built-in carry straps, so you can lay it down under your other gear, strap it to a roof rack, wrap it around a Jeep’s spare tire, or even on the roll bars and storage racks of ATV’s and side by sides.

And since it stores flat, you can bring multiple Instant Tent’s on your trip without losing any space and let the adults and kids camp separately!

Package includes tent, rain fly, stakes, paracord tie downs, and storage/transit case with straps. Measures 8’x5′ when open.