Grout Aide Markers

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The grout assistant mark is an easy way to refresh or change the grout color.

  • Including: 1 grouting aid mark
  • Dries quickly and leaves even lines
  • Does not contain harmful fumes of chemicals


Tired of looking at dirty tile grout? The grout assistant marker is a safe and simple way to refresh or change the color of grout by covering stubborn grout stains. Grout Aid dries quickly, leaving a clean, uniform grout line, free of harsh chemicals-completely odorless-no smoke!

The grouting assistant is easy to use. Just follow the grout line with a marker. The Grout Aide Marker is equipped with a non-slip comfortable handle and a durable pocket clip. Its convenient, reversible nib extends the life of your marker pen. In an instant, the ugly grout stains disappeared.

Perfect results every time! It is permanent on most surfaces. Safe surface for pets and children. Waterproof, odorless, non-toxic, covering 175 linear feet of the average grout line.