Copper Pro Pan


Evenly cooks with no butter or oil!

  • Ceramic coating won’t flake or peel.
  • Evenly distributes heat for perfect cooking.
  • No oil or butter needed!


Professional chefs and kitchen novices alike agree that the quality of your cooking ware matters if you want to consistently turn out delicious meals! There are certain tools of the culinary trade that are simply necessary in all kitchens, and a great non-stick pan is one of them!

The Copper Pro vs an ordinary pan can make all the difference between the PERFECT omelette and a BURNT omelette. That is why you will love our new Copper Frying Pan. Its copper composition contains an amazing ceramic coating that is responsible for keeping your food from sticking! Nothing ever sticks to it – everything just slides right off! Best of all, the ceramic coating is made to last! Featuring an ergonomic handle, this frying pan is easy to grip and makes cooking a joy!

The Copper Pro is 100% Safe, as well as PFOA, PTFE & PFOS Free. It leaves food intact without the use of butter, lard, or oil! All kinds of foods glide off the slick coating of this pan with ease, so there’s no need to add unnecessary fats and calories to your meals!

The Copper Pro chef’s pan evenly distributes heat so that everything you cook comes out perfectly! Our frying pan can be used both on the stove top and inside of the oven! You can use this pan for frying, baking and cooking! No other generic brand out there has frying pans with so much versatility.


* Non-Stick Technology

* Ceramic Coating

* Evenly Distributes Heat

* No Oil or Butter Needed!

* Works on StoveTop and in Oven

* 10″ Pan