Car Cane

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The Car Cane makes getting in and out of the car easier!

  • Fits in glove box
  • Great for folks with knee, hip, or back pain.
  • Supports up to 350 lbs


Car Cane as seen on TV w/ Flashlight, Seatbelt Cutter & Window Breaker

With the As Seen On TV Car Cane, you will be able to get in and out of your car with ease! No more struggling to get out of your car with knee, hip or back pain. No more slipping on the ice when you get out of the car in the winter.

The Car Cane easily locks into the door latch of any car for an easy non-slip grip that is comfortable to hold and easy to use! It’s made of high-quality, forged aluminum that is capable of supporting up to 350 lbs. The compact size of the Car Cane allows for easy storage in your glove box or door. The Car Cane is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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