2-in-1 Solar Insect Light


Keeps away bugs and mosquitoes while providing a welcoming glow!

  • Keeps AWAY Bugs and Mosquitoes
  • No Cords or Electricity Needed
  • Solar Rechargeable Battery


2-in-1 Solar Insect Light use as accent light or bug zapper. The 2-in-1 solar light and bug zapper will keep mosquitoes and bugs away or provide a welcoming, charming glowing at night. No cords or electricity needed – the sun provides all the power, each unit features four solar panels extra gather power! Solar rechargeable battery included. Made durable, weatherproof plastic, 6″D x 20 1/4″H (with stake). .

Forget smelly, messy sprays now you can stay outdoors without bugs biting you with the 2-in-1 Solar Insect Light.