Tag Away Skin Tag Remover


Tag Away Skin Tag Remover as seen on TV.

  • 100% Natural with Thuja Occidentalis
  • Get rid of skin tags fast and easy
  • NO Scarring, pain or harsh chemicals


The Tag Away Skin Tag Remover from as seen on TV. Get rid of skin tags the fast and easy way with this homeopathic topical remedy with Thuja Occidentalis, a pure essential oil recognized for its tag-removing properties.

All-natural special formula contains natural plant extracts to eliminate harmless and unwanted skin overgrowths without any pain. Just apply and watch skin tag dry and fall off in just three to eight weeks. No scarring, no pain and no chemicals. Clinically proven safe for all skin types and safe even on sensitive areas. Made in the USA. 15ml. bottle. This is one of the top skin tag removal products available on the market.