Recolor by Wipe New


Award winning coating that instantly restores color and shine without painting.

  • Easy To do and fun to grow
  • Instant Results
  • Perfect Match


Never Paint Again, thanks to Wipe New Recolor as seen on TV! Finally, a long lasting means to restore old to new again without messy drips, brush marks, and failed attempts to color match. ReColor, brought to you by the Award Winning brand Wipe New, is a clear coating that restores original color and shine to multiple surfaces types INSTANTLY! The wipe-on application is easy to do and allows ReColor to go on where paint cannot!

Easy to do! No taping, no sanding, no disassembly- even shutters don't have to be removed. Instant results! Right before your eyes, faded surfaces return to perfect factory finishes. Simply remove the pre-soaked starter cloth from the package and wipe over a clean surface.