Moo Mixer


Mix and Drink Right From the BIG 16oz Tumbler with the Moo Mixer!

  • Detachable 16 oz Tumbler
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy Trigger Button


Mix and Drink Right From the BIG 16 oz Tumbler with the Moo Mixer – Supreme Chocolate Milk Mixer.

The 16 oz. Moo Mixer Supreme features an easy to use trigger button, fun to hold handle and large detachable clear tumbler. Battery operated (two AAs, not included), dishwasher safe clear tumbler and the totally cool mixing action that makes a whirling vortex of power to thoroughly dissolve chocolate powder mixes or syrups!

Just add milk, chocolate and imagination! Perfect for mixing hot or cold drinks. Battery operated and dishwasher safe. The trigger button activates the mixing action.