Magic Soap Odor Remover Stainless Steel Soap


  • Material Stainless Steel Soap
  • Feature Hand Odor Remover
  • Easy-to-use Ueasy Magic Kitchen Bar
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  • The steel soap while rubbing his hands, while rinsing with live water can be 30-60 seconds. Remove all kinds of smell, without any detergent;
  •  Mass wet towels (or soaked in steel soaked in water half bowl) but also when the refrigerator in addition to taste, can also be placed in the kitchen, bathroom in addition to taste;
  • Can adsorb and decompose the decoration of the room of formaldehyde and other toxic gas molecules,love steel soaked in water soaked in half a bowl of water, on the renovated room can be;
  •  You can remove the smell of pet litter, love steel soap half soaked in water bowl, on the nest near the pet can;
  •  In addition to underarm odor, take a bath wet towel mass body can be;
  •  Can remove the smell of medicine, disinfectant water, banknote smell, gasoline smell, diesel smell, most ofthe smell, the use of parameters, must be used in conjunction with water.The product life of up to decade, a purchase, long-term benefit.