Head Wedgie


Head Wedgie is the ultimate headrest solution.

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Total Head Support


Head Wedgie is the ultimate headrest solution. Don't make riding in car a pain in the neck. Rest your head on the Head Wedgie, As Seen On TV. Head Wedgie provides lateral support for the head and neck. Simply slip it over the head rest, nonslip back, weighted bottom with brace for a secure and universal fit.

Head Wedgie gives total head support to your passengers, no more fighting with pillows. Sleeping in the car can cause neck tension but Head Wedgie provides total head support. So relax and enjoy our trip with Head Wedgie.

Head Wedgie is made of soft comfortable microfiber and folds up and stores in its own carrying case (included) Use at home, the office, in the car or on the plane. Great for kids or anyone who need some support. Available in Grey, Black, Tan.