Disposable Absorbing Underarm Sweat Guard Pads


  • Amazing Function,Our underarm sweat pads containing an all-natural absorbent to absorb both underarm perspiration and odor. Keeping your underarms and garments clean and dry all day long.
  • Comfortable & Convenient,Our underarm sweat pads is larger than others in the market. It’s super soft,ultrathin.Light weight and portable, nearly invisible.Disposable, no washing necessary.Perfect for outdoor and travel.
  • Suitable for Men & Women,Simply the best! Our underarm sweat pads for men and women, suitable for most skin types,hypoallergenic.Gender neutral design, non-scented materials provide an answer for both.
  • Easy to Use,Simply remove from packaging and attach the underarm sweat pads to the armpit garments region of your chosen to absorb excess sweat. Provide discreet and comfortable protection all day long. Stay away from odor.
  • Quality Assurance,With a mix of the highest quality microfiber fabrics, our underarm sweat pads are efficient, breathable,extremely absorbent and sticky,but without residues.
10Pcs(5 Pairs)
10Pcs(5 Pairs)
2Pcs(1 Pair)
2Pcs(1 Pair)
6Pcs(3 Pairs)
6Pcs(3 Pairs)
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Brand new and high quality
Light weight; Portable & Hygienic
Keep you stay cool and dry all day
Strong self adhesive to the clothes
Maintain your favourite clothes underarm area stain-free
Suitable for men ,womenand children
Material: Non-woven fabrics
Size: Show as the picture
Color: White 
Use tips:
Remove adhesive sheet from the pad
Insert the pad inside your clothes (broad side of the pad should be stuck onto
inner side of sleeve;
narrow side of the pad should be stuck onto outer of sleeve).
Remove the pad after used
Note: This pad can be cut by yourself to fit your size.
Note:1 pack =2 pieces (1 long and 1 short)