Copper Arch Support Relief Plus


  • Copper compression support
  • High quality copper fiber fabric
  • Foot pain relief
  • One size fits
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  • Copper arch support braces with gel are designed to provide extra support for your arch and keep them from flattening. The gel pad help relieve pressure on the forefoot and heel, which is the best way to keep your feet healthy and strong.
  • Copper fiber fabric is breathable, highly elastic and non slip. Your feet will stay fresh and smell less due to the odor removal feature. The arch support braces will not lose their performance after washing.
  • Arch Support bands provide foot support and pain relief to persons who suffering from fallen arches, flat feet, high arches, or plantar fasciitis. Especially useful for persons who stand for extended amounts of time and engage in a lot of physical activity during the day to relieve sore aching feet.
  • Copper arch relief plus made of breathable high-elastic material, which can provide compression arch support for the arch with the circumference size between 7.9 and 9.5 inches. Keeping your arch as close to their normal shape as possible. This helps to plantar fasciitis relief.

Package includes:

1 pair of arch cover