1929 Indian 5 Dollar Gold Proof


The National Collector’s Mint’s Tribute to the Rarest U.S $5 Gold Coin

  • Unique Design Frosted Majestic Eagle
  • Last Ever $5 Indian Head Gold Piece
  • Exact size reproduction of the original (21.6 mm in diameter)


The National Collector's Mint's Tribute to the Rarest U.S. $5 Gold Coin. Heralding the last ever $5 Indian Head Gold Piece. Never, in the 75 years since it was last produced in 1929, has another $5 Gold Piece ever been struck for circulation! With its historic importance, scarce population and unique design, it's no wonder that one 1929 $5 Gold Indian recently sold for $34,100!

When President Theodore Roosevelt called for a new $5 gold coin design in 1908, few imagined the daring, innovative masterpiece that designer Bela Lyon Pratt would ultimately produce. Unlike every other U.S. coin design, Pratt's (Indian Head is incuse v meaning that the sculpted Indian is sunken into the surface of the coin, rather than being raised above it. Indian Head $5 gold pieces were minted annually from 1908 to 1915, when production was suspended for over a decade. When it was finally resumed in 1929, no one expected that this coin would be the last $5 gold coin ever issued for circulation by the U.S. Government. But in October 1929, the unthinkable happened. The Stock Market crashed, plunging the U.S. economy into a deep depression. Production of $5 gold coins ceased, never to resume, making the 1929 $5 Gold Indian the rarest and most desirable coin of its kind. Now, you can have your own 1929 $5 Gold Indian Proof.

It's the rare 1929 $5 Indian Head gold plated piece as a 10 Mil 24 KT Pure Gold Proof. Designer Bela Lyon Pratt's portrait of a strong Indian brave in war bonnet are incused into the gleaming obverse, along with 13 stars and the motto LIBERTY. On the reverse, the frosted majestic eagle grasps an olive branch, symbolizing peace, against a mirror-like field.